03/Oct/2016 12:48

New Charter base, San Carles de la Ràpita

From Cruesa we are pleased to present a new destination, the Ebro Delta. Located in Tarragona, San Carles de la Ràpita  is a privileged enclave for sailing both during high and low season. It is currently in the process of becoming a home port with connections with the Balearic Islands. Cruesa is again a pioneer in offering this new destination.
The magic of the Ebro Delta lies in its navigable waters, thanks to the delta and its geographical characteristics, it provides a great sailing area protected from the open sea. With eight beaches and the greatest mussel farms of the Mediterranean, you can anchor and go up to taste its oysters and mussels. It is ideal for off-season trips, sailing courses as well as for high season vacations.
It has many and varied itineraries and their combinations will depend on the time you have available for your vacation and your interest in discovering and sailing. For short or one-week trips, we suggest the following options:
In the north part you will be welcomed by l’Ampolla and l’Ametlla, with their fishing ports and restaurants, where eating good fish in a traditional environment is not a luxury. In the south part you have Benicardó and Peñíscola with the D’Alt Vila, which reminds us of Ibiza, and a little bit southwards the natural park of the Irta mountains, from where you can go to the Columbretes Isles and anchor near the volcano crater. From there, you can head to Ibiza or Valencia, if you want to sail more, or you can go back to Sa Ràpita.
For those who prefer long itineraries:
Going straight from Sant Carles, Sa Ràpita; from a 100-mile distance, you will arrive in Soller Port, in Majorca; sailing to Andratx and then to Portinatx in Ibiza (80 miles). You can anchor at small bays until you get to Formentera, refuel in La Savina and go up to Denia (60 miles), Valencia, Columbres Isles, Benicarló or Peñíscola and finally go back to San Carles, Sa Ràpita.
Because in every place and in every spot of Spain there is always something new to see, taste and discover, CRUESA wants to build bridges to the peninsula.

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