22/Sep/2017 12:38

7 recommendations when sailing with children on board

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Going on a trip with kids on board can generate doubts and fears, but the truth is that sailing with children is a totally safe activity if one takes the necessary precautions. If you are considering renting a boat this summer, we encourage you to take your family with you, it will be an unforgettable experience for you all!
Sail safely with children
Here you have some recommendations that will give you some relief when you cast off with children on board:
1. As for any other trip on boat, the first thing to do is to check the weather conditions. If you still have doubts, don’t take risks and go sailing another day, just tell the children about the dangers and they will surely understand.
2. Before sailing, children must wear the life jacket, which you can request previously to the charter company specifying the weight of the child. Besides, the boats have lifelines for high risk situations, for which it would be advisable too to wear the life jacket harness. And remember: the number one security measure that you can’t disregard is constant adult supervision and vigilance.
3. It is important to make the child understand the basic navigation rules, such as the full authority of the captain on the boat, that they have to stay far from the boom, or that they have to hold tight whenever they move around the boat. There are special anti-slip rubber boat shoes for children that can be useful to avoid slipping and which you can find in specialized shops.
4. It is advisable to put nets in the berths or beds in order to keep them from falling, especially when they are very young. They should also be told that they can’t be on the deck at night. 
5. Solar radiation is getting more and more harmful for one’s health, that’s why it is really necessary to protect children and adults from the sun. Use a special sunscreen for children with a high sun protection factor as well as caps, sunglasses and anti-UV T-shirts.
6. In order to prevent travel sickness, it is recommendable to have medicines containing dimenhydrinate on hand, such as Dramamine or other sea sickness pills. Foodwhich is  rich in vitamin C, ginger or chamomile can also help to avoid sea sickness.
7. The children will probably want to bring some toys with them for entertainment, but the truth is that they will relax and enjoy the experience of sailing the high seas like never before. Besides, you have the option of including some extra activities on board: paddle surf, kayaking, inflatable lounges, snorkel equipment…there’s a great variety! Remember to request it to the charter company beforehand with your reservation. And remember, practice makes perfect: the more you sail, the more confidence you’ll gain and the funnier it will be! Apart from sharing a unique experience with them, they will be introduced to the art of navigation, a passion that you can keep sharing even when they get older.
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