20/Nov/2019 14:41

What does it mean to leave a boat in management?

There are many questions that a future owner has. And it is logical. Buying a boat is more complicated than buying a car. You have to know where to buy it, which is better to buy, but above all, what am I going to do with it when I have it?
Nowadays, having a boat for your own use may seem like a luxury, but it doesn't have to be. Of course, there are those who have their own mooring in property and their own maintenance staff, and of course, this post is not aimed at those people. It's for you, a person with a dream, that of having your boat, which often backs down because there are too many unknowns to clear up. Don't worry, charter companies, we're for that.
An owner of a company like ours can sail his own boat as many weeks as he wants out of season, and a total of 4 weeks in high season. There are many, many more than anybody can enjoy. But that's not all. An owner does not have to worry about his boat, nor about its maintenance, nor about looking for a mooring, nor about spare parts, guarantees, nor about reserving it, promoting it or selling it if he wants to sell it in the end. These are part of our functions. We make sure everything is ready when you want to go out. To reserve the weeks you request and send you all the information regarding reservations, billing and settlements. But be careful, there are those who still believe that a charter boat is just to make money. The management what gives you, is the possibility of having a boat without so many problems. To have a boat to enjoy, if that is the purpose for which you bought it, and to have it maintained and always ready for you, for you, who bought it with such illusion and to whom we will treat with the same care.

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